Friday, 13 February 2009


We are happy to say that Hepburn Wildlife Shelter is ok at the moment... however,

all of us at the shelter are really busy with the rescue and care of the animals that are now being brought in from the fire ravaged areas. We are very grateful to everyone for their emails and offers of help that are pouring in to us and we will try to get answers to you all as soon as possible. In the meantime Jon and Gayle are asking everyone to go to the website of Wildlife Victoria (Jon is the President) and there is up to date information and a donation information page there which is giving all the news. Also there are a number of drop off places for donations of various things eg medical supplies, blankets, pillow cases etc.

Thank you so much from all at Hepburn Wildlife Shelter.

We will keep this blog up to date and let everyone know how we are doing from time to time so keep checking in here.

Be safe everyone, and as usual, please phone us on the 24/7 phone number if there is an Emergency. Thanks again. ( We ask you not to use this number for normal calls at this time please.)