Saturday, 7 November 2009


Dear Friends

The Hepburn Wildlife Shelter is in desperate need of a fire bunker to protect native animals from bushfires this summer. If a fire swept through the area this fire season, the 100+ animals (and possibly the two human carers) would perish.

Over the next few weeks, HWS volunteers will attempt to raise $10,000 to commence excavating work for the bunker. We have already raised $1,000, but we are still $9,000 short of our target.

To help raise funds for this important project, we are asking all of our friends, families and colleagues to donate 10 unwanted (but functional) household items to our $5 & Under Trash & Treasure Sale. We're seeking an assortment of quality items: toys, books, records, cds, ornaments, novelties, games, sports equipment, tools, old gifts - anything that can sold either individually or in bundles for under $5 (sorry - we cannot accept very large items such as furniture, electrical goods or clothing).

Each volunteer has been asked to invite 10 friends to donate 10 items each - with 10 volunteers involved and each item selling for a minimum of $1.00, we may just raise another $1,000.

It's this easy:
Step 1: Do a little spring cleaning & find 10 items that are in good nick, that still hold their value, that you no longer need. Get your friends, kids & neighbours involved - the more the better. Forward this email to every friend in your contact list.
Step 2: Place your unwanted items in a box & give us a call or email. We'll send a friendly volunteer around to collect them asap (goods collection: ph 0401 540 546).

Please act and help, before bushfires threaten our precious shelter again.

Jason Beks

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