Sunday, 22 November 2009

World change at the Shelter! - Rain! (photo is Parky in the rain!)

The world has changed around us overnight as we've had the most fantastic downpour. The unseasonable heat has been chased away by cool relief and the animals are all perky. The three baby wombats finally scraped themselves off the floor where they had lain stretched out for days trying to find an extra bit of coolness somewhere. They've been full of naughtiness and play since late last night, running and rolling and tackling until they've collapsed exhausted and content in their basket; except for little Pyrite who insists on pouch sharing with the kangaroo joeys. Little Morph is the smallest of the wombat joeys and he's still small enough to sit in the cup of two hands. Pyrite is about the size of half a house brick and Ruby the size (and shape) of a whole house brick.

We've had two roo rescues this morning; a young male who has been hit by a car and is currently paralysed in his back legs. We can't feel any breaks in the spine but that's no surity. His prognosis is not good but we'll give him some medications to bring down swelling and re assess in 48 hours. A trip to the vet for xrays is most likely.

The second roo is a young female who was found on some ones' bush block and shows no obvious sign of injury but is very underweight and very weak. She's lost a joey recently as her pouch is stretched and her teats are swollen with use.
We suspect she's been clipped by a car and has been doing it tough while she tries to recover from bruising and perhaps a bit of fracturing in her hip or pelvis.

In the photo here - Parky, the Long Billed Corella has just worked out how to open the injured cockatoo's cage; he lets the cockie out and puts himself in the cage!! Jon put an extra clip on the cage so now he's moved on to try to liberate a Magpie chick. Parky loves the rain and he spreads out his wings, fluffs up his feather, screams his head off and dances about under the rain drops. He knows how to enjoy the simple pleasures in life.

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